10 Ideas For This Rainy Weekend

Looks like Mother Nature will bestow some of that great wet stuff this weekend. Although a welcome sight, cabin fever can set in fast. To help make this the best time ever with the kiddos, here's a list of 10 great indoor activities and attractions for the entire family this weekend!!

Marvel at nearly 400 dazzling and dramatic specimens from  the  CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE 's geology collection —from iconic gems to newly-displayed natural wonders.  1. Museum

Marvel at nearly 400 dazzling and dramatic specimens from the CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE's geology collection—from iconic gems to newly-displayed natural wonders.

1. Museum

Check out an awesome museum and stay dry. The Bay Area is full of great indoor options such as the Bay Area Discovery Museum, California Academy of Science, Aquarium By The Bay, and more! Or enjoy a FREE COMMUNITY DAY AT THE EXPLORATORIUM.

2. Marine Science Sunday

The 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, join the education experts at the Marine Mammal Center for Marine Science Sunday - a FREE engaging ocean-inspired classroom series. FREE Classroom Programs: Animals of the Arctic- 12 PM and 2 PM (1 hour sessions) and more.

3. Be The First To See Pippi Longstocking

The Strongest Girl in the World is Coming to Berkeley!

The Strongest Girl in the World is Coming to Berkeley!

Astrid Lindgren's one and only Pippi Longstocking takes the stage at Bay Area Children's Theatre, opening this Saturday in Berkeley. Tickets are selling fast for this lively and engaging musical adaptation featuring Pippi, Annika, Tommy, Mr. Nilsson the Monkey, and an exciting cast of colorful characters from the book series loved by children around the world for generations. Buy your tickets today!

4. Bay Model

If you'e looking for a free indoor space for the kids to stretch their legs and expend some energy, the Bay Model is a perfect fit. This three-dimensional hydraulic model of San Francisco Bay and Delta areas are capable of simulating tides and currents. Plus, there are a lot of interesting and educational activities throughout in this Sausalito space. Closed Sundays & Mondays.

5. Japantown

When the weather is being unpredictable, Japantown, with 2 huge indoor malls is one of my go to places. I love to explore as many shops as I can and there are always lots of hidden surprises. But some of my favs include: 

Daiso, a Japanese dollar store that has everything from cool Japanese lunch containers to take-apart erasers and Japanese snacks. 

Kinokuniya Bookstore is a great place to find interesting book and magazines including manga (Japanese comic books). 

For a fun activity, take the kids to "Pika Pika," a room full of photo booths where your kids can create photo stickers with fun and creative backdrops. 

Food with kids, Isobune Sushi, is classic. It's the famous place with the wooden boats that go around. 

Benkyodo Company makes great mochi. I bring home a big box every time.

Belly Good Crepes are so darling your kids will be so delighted.

May's Coffee Shop has delicious taiyaki, a fish-shaped griddle cake with various stuffings (sweet been, chocolate, etc.). Yummy shave ice too.

Before heading home, stop at Nijiya Market and pick up Japanese food items including sushi to go!

6. Bowling


If bowling is up your alley check out Country Club Bowl in San Rafael or Presidio Bowl in San Francisco.

7. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Head to the coolest indoor ice skating rinks at Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa or Yerba Buena Ice Skating in San Francisco.

8. Visit the Library or Bookstore

Why not take the opportunity to catch up on a great book, or check out some books for the whole family to enjoy at one of the many Bay Area Libraries. Or seek out a local bookstore: Diesel, A BookstoreBook PassageCopperfieldsBooks Inc.Green Apple BooksDepot Bookstore & Cafe, so many to choose from.

9. Movies

Photo Credit:  Smartfeed

Photo Credit: Smartfeed

You'll find loads of great options for all ages at the movies this holiday season such as 'Moana' and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.' Or have an indoor movie night. Not sure what to watch that's age appropriate? Check out Smartfeed for a huge list of awesome options that everyone will love.

10. Indoor Swimming

Swimming Pools

Take the plunge at an INDOOR pool! 

Here is a bonus list for kids under 5 for this weekend:


East Bay

San Francisco