3 Weeks Until #WorldOceansDay

World Oceans Day is a global celebration held every June 8 with hundreds of events around the world recognizing the vital importance of all the Earth's oceans. Living in the Bay Area, you probably spend a good chunk of time playing in the Pacific Ocean. So, if you enjoy water oriented passions and creating a better future for the worlds oceans then learn more how to:


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Small steps go a long way to reduce our energy consumption and fight climate change. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, turn off electronics every evening, use energy efficient appliances, take the stairs, leave the car at home and avoid oversetting your thermostat.


Elect Eco-Conscious Public Officials

With so much disagreement about environmental policy in the ocean, many people are turning to their representatives on the issue. Cast your vote for those that promote good governance through environmental protection.


Avoid Microbeads

Don't use products that contain microbeads. These tiny pieces of plastic used in personal care products pose an environmental hazard for aquatic animals in freshwater and ocean water. And ditch all aerosols.


Avoid Items That Exploit Marine Life

Avoid buying products that contribute to the harming of delicate coral reefs and marine populations such as coral jewelry, tortoise shell and shark products.

Properly Dispose Hazardous Materials

Paint, motor oil, batteries and other hazardous materials often end up washing into coastal areas because they aren’t disposed of properly. This pollutes the water and hurts the overall health of our oceans. Be sure to dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe way.

Spread the word with what’s going on with the world’s oceans and easy steps to make a difference. This June 8th, join the global community through thousands of events and activities around the world. TOGETHER WE CAN protect and restore our ocean. Visit the website, WorldOceansDay.org, to plan, register and find events!