Geek Alert: Hour Of Code Across The Bay Area

Ronnie's Awesome List presents a guest post by MVCode known throughout the Bay Area for their strong coding classes for kids. MVCode offers after school classes, at school programs and camps at their Greenbrae, Mill Valley and San Anselmo locations in Marin County. MV Code is offering Ronnie's Awesome List members a free class trial for their kids and interested friends. Click here to sign up.

This December 4-10 2017, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week, hosts a worldwide effort to introduce millions of students to coding called Hour of Code. There are multiple ways that you and your children can participate! So carve out an extra hour with the kiddos and introduce them to computer programming in a fun way. 


There are over 115,000 Hour of Code events around the world. Click here to find an event in your area.




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MVCode - Prepare your Child for the Future.  Marin coding classes - kids learn skills to help prepare them for the future - programming, problem solving, math, physics, art and music. All while having fun! Sign your child up for a free trial today. Connect with MVCode on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.