I Made It! Glass Creations: Crafting Lifelong Memories

Does your child love to give homemade presents for the holiday's? If so, you’re going to love the wide array of projects at I Made It! Glass Creations. They're easy enough to create and wrap before a visit from Saint Nick and the Festival of Lights begins! 

I’ve rounded up a collection of what my kiddo is creating for the holiday’s that grown-ups will really use, love and appreciate.


There’s only so many painted pasta necklaces I can bear to wear. Instead, one of these gorgeous jewelry pieces will remind me that my child created something so special just for me to wear with pride.


This year I'm keeping the polished plates in the cupboard and break out a new family tradition. Check out this collaborative colorful plate created by the whole family. What a unique time capsule celebrating a contribution of each member of the family this year and every year.  

Art & Ornaments

I love my kids macaroni art but I have a virtual mountain from my Pasta Picasso. There's only so much room to proudly display her art on the kitchen fridge and on the holiday tree. Instead she created these gorgeous art pieces. Now those are keepers. 


There's only so many painted popsicle stick frames with pompoms and glitter glue I can handle. Check out this lovely fame that's gonna make grandma jump for joy.

Treasure Box

I love love love my holiday themed treasure box! Make your own and slip a gift certificate from I Made It! Glass Creations to return to do another great project.


Check out the menorahs and other Chanukah gifts you can personalize with your kids. It's super easy and "חי"-ly rewarding. 

I Made It! Glass Creations, a San Rafael based fused glass studio is the first of its kind… a place where anyone, ages 2 to 102 can drop in any time and choose from over 100 project and within minutes begin making beautiful and functional fused glass art, no appointment or experience needed. Come join Lynn and her staff in their warm and welcoming studio, then you can say with a smile, "I Made It!” Connect with I Made It! Glass Creations on FacebookInstagram and online at imadeitglass.com or email fun@imadeitglass.