Marin Girls Chorus: All Kids Know How To Sing

Consider also the social benefits. With the competitive element removed, singers have a vested interest in the success of their peers. This builds empathy and results in friendships that endure time and bridge cultural divides. In an environment that is increasingly competitive and results-oriented, Marin Girls Chorus is committed to offering an alternative, in which collaboration, harmony, and shared joy are paramount to the success of the group. MGC empowers girls to be part of something bigger than themselves and bond and grow around the experience of doing something difficult together.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of singers from all over the world travel the globe to have new and interesting experiences and sing in remarkable places. For the last 32 years, Marin Girls Chorus has traveled the country and beyond to sing in different places with other choirs. Next summer, they’re heading to Carnegie Hall to participate in a choral festival with other youth choirs.

There’s still time to join and be part of the experience!

MGC offers five levels of weekly classes in age-appropriate vocal technique, ear training, note reading, harmony, rhythm, expression, performance technique, and music theory, tailored to all ages and abilities. The music taught and performed comes from all over the world.Classes for grades K-12 are held all over Marin. Their newest class is at Coleman Elementary School on Tuesdays, with other classes throughout the week at The Cove, Corte Madera Rec Center, First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo, and Miller Creek Middle School in Marinwood.In addition to the Carnegie Hall tour, this season includes performances at a Golden State Warriors game, Nicasio Valley Pumpkin Patch, Redwoods Retirement Home, and with the Marin Symphony.

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