October Classes And Field Trips With Outschool

Here’s a selection of Outschool activities coming up in October. You can find more on their listings page where you can filter by location, age, theme and day. Outschool helps parents find and book great learning experiences outside of regular school.

For more information check out Outschool.com or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Printmaking Workshop
Sat. Oct 15, 10am
Oakland, CA

Join us in exploring the satisfying art of printmaking! 

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: The Origins of Humans
Sat. Oct 18, 10am

Students will learn about the theory of evolution and how it applies to the origin of the human species.

Game of Government Thrones: Create Your Own Country
Wed. Oct 19, 4pm
San Jose, CA

Ever dreamed about making your own country? We challenge you to create a government that can stand the test of time and meet the challenges of its people head on!

Student-Driven Film Workshop
Sat. Oct 22, 9:30am
Campbell, CA

Students will produce and star in their own film and we're going to do it all in one day!

The Science and Art of Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Mon. Oct 24, 10am
Berkeley, CA

Acclaimed educator Alexander Coward will lead this series of 5 sessions where parents will participate along with their children to experience different ways in which mathematics can be communicated and learned.