Teen Review: The Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show

The Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by a bunch of hilarious, cute and amazing dogs. There are so many different breeds that I never knew existed and it was so fun to be able to go behind the scenes and watch them get ready and pet them. I learned a lot about all the different breeds and also got to watch dogs being shown in the arena. It was a really cool experience and i really recommend going if you are a dog lover like me! It is a great event to go with your friends and family to hang out with dogs and experience this fun event!
— Jelly Zirpoli
The Cow Palace Dog Show is a great way to see how individual breeds of dog are traditionally expected to look, feel and act. From clipping ears and tails to meet a certain breeding standard, to the coat of the dog there is so much to learn about each breed. As a student planning to attend veterinary school in my near future, this was a great way for me to learn about different breeds of dog and the health of each breed. It is a dog lovers heaven, and a great weekend field trip to work into your weekend as well for all!
— Emily Singerman