Teen Review: Teen Night at I Made It! Glass Creations

The teens night at I Made It Glass Creations in San Rafael is an awesome way to end the day off. Me and a group of my friends had a very enjoyable a relaxing time making and designing earrings, plates, boxes and necklaces.
When you first walk in, there is an array of decorated glass objects of every color you can think of all over the tables and walls. There are tables that are pre set ups for incoming customers and people with smiles welcoming you in. When you look around and decide on your glass project, there are boxes that are easily assessable where all the materials you need are located. Once you have your items, you’re free to gather your colored glass from a tray and snap, glue, and place the glass pieces onto the desired project.

Then you let your creativity room free.
Once the glass projects are done, and sent off to get fired in a kiln, you get to pay for your glass pieces (depending on the project it can range from $10-$90+). Within a week you can return and pick up your master pieces with no hassle.

Overall the best part about the I Made It Glass teen night is the great bonding experience you can have with your friends while making something of your very own.
— Claire Henry