Teen Review: Adrenaline-Packed Monster Jam®

Monster Jam was awesome! The event was both exciting and engaging. It starts off with a head to head race around the track with several ramps and obstacles. The next two events were trick-based and actually let the crowd vote directly on each truck through their phones. Everything from the flips and the jumps were incredibly captivating and fun to watch. I would highly recommend anyone to watch a Monster Jam event at least once in their life.
— Joshua Chan
Monster Jam is a loud, exciting event. The drivers compete in three unique competitions to showcase their skills with their trucks. My favorite part is the freestyle, where some drivers make trucks cars do flips. This is a fun event for anyone who enjoys intense, high-action entertainment. As a high school student, I had an amazing time.
— Freddie Kehoe
I never really knew much about the exhilarating event that is Monster Jam. Seeing these giant monster trucks race one another on a dirt track with huge jump incorporated in the races, was a crazy experience. It is an experience that I think everyone should experience. These trucks attempt the impossible by doing tricks on two wheels and doing backflips. The event is judged by the fans watching so the tricks must be cool enough to impress the stadium. It was a fantastic experience and a very cool thing to see monster trucks do flips like it was nothing. It is a very unique event and I highly recommend giving it a try.
— Austin Lamar

Monster Jam® is adrenaline-charged family entertainment providing jaw-dropping displays and gravity-defying feats that promises to always leave fans entertained. Monster Jam events feature some of the most famous trucks in the world including Grave Digger®, Max-DTM, El Toro Loco® and many more. World-class drivers push these perfectly engineered Monster Jam trucks to their limits in Freestyle, 2-Wheel Skills and Racing competitions that will put families on the edge of their seats and leave them craving more of this unexpected, unscripted and unforgettable event!