Teen Review: Aerial Yoga: Sacred Sky Yoga Should Be Your New Teen Workout

Ronnie’s Awesome List sent a group of teens to review Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sky Yoga. Their feedback was nearly identical. If you like yoga - you should consider giving Aerial Yoga a try at Sacred Sky Yoga.

Aerial Yoga at Harmonia is an experience like no other. Flying above the ground with friends or alone is so freeing and unbelievably fun. With this magical form of yoga, you get to try things you never thought possible. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, Aerial Yoga offers something for everybody.
— Cambry Weingart
Aerial Yoga was truly an out of body experience for me. The instructor at Harmonia was very accommodating, kind, and brought a relaxing yet spirited energy to the class. I felt completely comfortable trying new tricks, such as going upside down and swirling through the air, as the instructor was there to guide us and give us tips. The studio was beautifully decorated and the aerial yoga ropes were so soft! I am definitely planning on returning to Harmonia for another class soon.
— Sydney Hilbush
For the adventurous type, this is the perfect activity, for it gave me a sense of serenity that I had not known existed. That said, if going upside down or frequent instructor intervention are not comforting ideas, I would suggest another activity. If on the fence however, I would recommend going, as it was worth the visit to such a wonderful part of Sausalito!
— Nicole Fuches
For anyone dealing with stress and anxiety or muscle aches, Harmonia yoga’s aerial class is the perfect solution. The beginners class serves as the perfect introduction for aerial yoga and the instructors are energetic and sincere in how they want you to truly enjoy the class. Aerial yoga is quite a fun way to relax and not your traditional yoga class. For anyone looking to destress or heal, I would start at Harmonia.
— Katherine Muller
I just wanted to let you know that I had a lot of fun at the Ariel Yoga class that you offered to leadership. It was such a cool, new, and eye-opening experience that I would for sure do again. I would definitely recommend this to other people my age and even older because I think it’s something for all ages to enjoy and have fun with. Anyways, thank you so much for letting me and my leadership classmates try something new and daring. I had lots of fun!!
— Avery Aguero
Aerial yoga at Harmonia Wellness is such a unique opportunity and fun way to get some exercise, one that I highly recommend to all those that need to de-stress. The atmosphere of the class and the guidance from the instructor makes you feel relaxed and safe, which allowed me to try amazing tricks like flips on the band you are supported by. As a high schooler going through school and multiple sports everyday, I forget to take time for myself and check in. Not only did I get really cool pictures from aerial yoga, but it gave me a chance to get ride of stress from my body and mind, and I look forward to trying it again.
— Elena Wang
I had a great time, I really enjoyed Apryl’s energy and positivity. Apryl was very knowledgable and encouraging to all of us, who were trying aerial yoga for the first time. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate, I hope I can take one of her classes again soon!
— Caroline Plocki