Teen Review: Stroll Down Penny Lane

Stroll Down Penny Lane is an incredible live multimedia performance of Sir Paul McCartney’s music from when he was a teenager, to the Beatles, through Wings and beyond. You’ll also hear songs that have never been performed in concert – anywhere, by anyone! If you are a Beatles fan, don’t miss this unique tribute to the life or Sir Paul McCartney.

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I had a very fun time at Stoll Down Penny Lane. The band does a terrific job of keeping the show lively by sharing interesting anecdotes about Paul McCartney’s life and the origins of his music between songs. Throughout the show they play 24 movies to go along with the music which makes for a very entertaining and unique work of storytelling. The venue is beautiful, and the music is incredible. As a teenage, surface-level Beatles fan, I enjoyed the show a lot.
— Freddie Kehoe
Stroll Down Penny Lane was a great performance that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Paul McCartney and the Beatles. It is a great band that plays many of the popular Paul McCartney & Beatles tunes. It was very nice how all their songs were accompanied with videos as well. Even though we were some of the youngest there, it was a great experience.
— Lucas Wright
Stroll Down Penny Lane Tribute to Paul McCartney” at the historic Bellevue Club in Oakland, is refreshingly different to other tribute acts. A truly delightful mix of talented musical performances and animated storytelling celebrating the remarkable life and music of Sir Paul McCartney spanning his entire career, from The Beatles and Wings to his solo LPs. Prof. Stompensplatt and band takes the audience on a real life musical journey from Paul’s early days with The Beatles, their emotional breakup, love, life and loss. The band was not afraid to stray from the biggest hits, sprinkling the show with some lesser-known gems combined with Sir Paul McCartney’s most popular songs. It’s no wonder both shows sold out!
— Ronnie Sharpe